We all have thought of ourselves as professional photographers at one stage, and with the rapid advances in technology, we can almost uphold such a title. Smartphones are the norm, and as tech companies battle to produce to have the highest specification portable camera, most of us take it for granted. Well, we’re right to. Nowadays the difference between a iPhone 6 camera, and an iPhone X’s is minuet. Yet, we still have slanted, blurry, and frankly unappealing Instagram profiles. So why doesn’t this bother us?

Here’s where filters make it’s debut. Crooked photo? Just throw a filter on top, problem solved. Both users and companies have fallen into a hole, a hole filled with filters, illogical sequencing and erasing the fact that photography is an art.

When building your business’ online presence, it’s the unnoticeable which is noticed by users. Users subconsciously want order, and logic to online feeds. Be it a consistent media colour scheme, an appealing layout, or simply, consistent content, the old saying is long forgotten, “Quality over Quanity”.