Look at the image above, no seriously, scroll back up, look and come back down. Mean anything to you? For many, probably not. A single baseball laying still in some dirt, with no description standing by it’s side. Meaningless. Today, this is the marketing world we live in.

As digital marketers we are constantly brainstorming new methods, ideas and techniques to drive our clients sales, although nowadays it’s not as simple as perceived. In today’s society, what someone intents a image, sample of text or flyer to mean at source, can differ immensely to how the consumer or potential customer interprets it. I can’t emphasise enough, the importance of directed marketing. Knowing your range of customers, understanding their purchase preference’s, and most importantly, learning and adapting from previous sales. Going back to the baseball image, without context, where are we to start? This could simply be an advertisement for a Baseball game, or a Cricket game, who knows? Or, a baseball manufacture, not excluding the fact that a company could be selling TurfSeed. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s our advice, don’t just get in the shoes of the consumer, get in their mindset. What would make you purchase a product and how would you interpret an advertisement, photo or leaflet? Minimalist is brilliant, but not to the point of a ball on some grass. Nothing is more important that context. Context, context, context!

What you intend, may not be the intention of others.