I never said sailing was difficult, nor should I. I have little experience in the sport. When it comes to writing about sailing, this leaves me as the complete novice. It looks to me, at least, like an arduous task. Fighting to work with unpredictable winds, rushing between slackening and tightening ropes. It’s a very intricate balancing act, one where the slightest mistake will stall progress, and leave you floating without direction.

Creating a successful social media page takes as much time as it does effort. Similarly, 900 hours went into hand creating this 3ft yacht dubbed ‘Moonduster’. A real love affair, created using a vision and an awful lot of skill to create a functional shape. But a yacht has no purpose if it cannot gather speed on the open and often wild seas. Your online presence as a brand is a similar idea, if you’re not gathering engagement, you’re not sailing with the wind.

You might be wondering how this relates to the online world of marketing. Well, much like the avid sailor, digital marketers have to play this balancing act also. Think of us at the Volvo ocean races, all competing against one another for the maximum engagement and reach for our clients, the one who has mastered the use of their craft will usually take home the trophy. Of course we’re not sat miles from shore, exposed to the elements. No, we have to work with unpredictable world of online trends, creating content to match what hashtags are in trend and avoid what aren’t. We battle with ever changing algorithms, (this is our wind) and it has the power to frustrate. You play by the rules of the wind, you post too little too late and you’re left bobbing.

But, if you create something eye catching and worthwhile using all the techniques of the trade, sharp product photography, a powerful caption, that connects with your audience, you’ll find that you’re tacking across the wind, gathering speed. When you’ve achieved it, created movement and engagement, you’ve mastered how to pilot the Algorithms.

We learned from a 3ft yacht that working with the stringent winds of algorithms, not against them, is truly the route to a productive and successful business account.